Mubashar "Mubs" Iqbal

Product Hunt Daily River

As you’ve probably guessed I’m a big fan of Product Hunt.

I visit the site many times a day to checkout the submissions, and interact with the community.

The number of votes is a great way to sort the products and find the best daily submissions, but if you visit many times a day like I do, it can be hard to identify the new products you haven’t seen before.

I had a spare evening recently so I decided to write a quick website to solve my problem.

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Relaunching Cymbolism

I realized I hadn’t written about the relaunch of Cymbolism, been a little busy with other things, so here goes.

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Story behind Embed Hunt

On Thursday I finished building Embed Hunt, 4 days earlier the idea hadn’t even occurred to me. On Friday it landed on Product Hunt, and ended the day the 2nd highest voted product.

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Top Product Hunt Makers

Friday afternoon I tweeted at Ryan Hoover, asking him about prolific makers on Product Hunt, essentially who had the most products made on Product Hunt.

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From Zero to The Next Web

A week ago I officially launched, if you signed up for the Every 5 Weeks newsletter you got a sneak peak a few days before.

I started the day hitting a road bump but ended it with an article on The Next Web.

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Every Weeks Schedule

I started working on my first site for Every 5 Weeks 2015, but I neglected to publish the official schedule.

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A Good Hackathon is Hard to Find

Hackathons are great, you knew that already, but unless you live in a major metropolitan city, they can be quite hard to find.

Despite living in Upstate New York, I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a good number of hackathons. Some run locally, and some virtual ones.

Hackathons can be general hacking events, have specific themes, or require you to use a particular technology, which can make it even harder to find something right for you.

Below you’ll find a collection of sites that make it easy to find a hackathon just for you.

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Entrepreneur Programmers To Follow

Programming is hard. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Going from being a programmer to an entrepreneur is well even harder.

If you’re a good programmer chances are you spent most of days (and probably nights) honing your craft. Being good requires practice, practice, practice.

Now imagine jumping into something you haven’t done before, something you have to learn on the fly, something that affects your ability to pay the bills, to take care of yourself and your family.

Scary right? A growing number of programmers are making this leap, going from programming for a living to being an entrepreneur.

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Help Me Help You

I don’t do the whole “New Years resolution” thing, however towards the end of 2014, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the year to come.

Among my objectives for 2015: I would like to help more people launch their own web based businesses.

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24 hour product challenge

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of hackathons, the opportunties up in these parts is limited, but I’ve done 6 of them in the past. I’ve also been known to build a few products outside of an organized hackathon.

I was happy to see some other folks jumping on the bandwagon, and doing so publicily.

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