Tottenham vs Liverpool (November 6th 2022)

Published on Nov 7, 2022

Big game for both teams!

Before the game

Tottenham are a good team, on a good run of form. We have been very inconsistent. 

Both team have their injury problems. If Liverpool show up for the match, we should win, but will we show up?

During the game

Liverpool started the game well, both teams actually had good chances. My worry during the opening 20 minutes was the number of times that Liverpool game up the ball very easily, sloppy passes in the midfield, caused problems or us at the back.

Tottenham probably should have taken the lead, Perisic hitting the post with a great chance. 

We did manage to get in front, thanks to another quick, accurate shot for Salah. Really like how he and Nunez are combining well up front.

Second goal was a gift, but happy to see Salah take the chance well. Definitely need Salah to be on top form if we are going to have any chance of grabbing a top 4 finish at the end of the season.

Tottenham did very well in the second half, had enough chances to tie up the game, but we got lucky and help them to just one goal. Just like Liverpool Tottenham are missing key players in attack. When everyone is healthly I'm sure they will do better (as will we). Hoping this means the the battle for the title, and the top 4 is much more competitive than it has been recent seasons.

Manchester City and Arsenal seem like they will be battling for the title, but Chelsea, Newcastle, Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool are in with a good shout for remaining 2 Champions league places.  

With some luck (if City and Arsenal drop significant points post World Cup), and more consistent performances I hope we can still be involved till the end of the season.

After the game

To come!