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Side Project Books

October 23rd, 2017

I recently announced that I’d be making my next side project by the end of the year and documenting my progress/process as I went along.

I wanted to share some books that helped me become a better maker, a short blog post with some recommended books but that changed when I posted on Twitter for some suggestions.


People had lots of great suggestions, so that blog post turned into a mini site instead: https://books.makesideproject.com/


The books are grouped into categories, that will continue to grow as I add more books thru the process of building my actual side project.

Looks good, but it could still be a longer blog post? Indeed it could, but I this is just the MVP. I’ll be adding the ability for people to add their own suggestions, track the books they’ve read and allow them to recommend (vote) books for people to read. Also, eventually leave reviews for books they have read, all so we can have a better sorting/ranking of the books.

I’ll be continuing to add more books manually in the mean time, have an extensive backlog to review. The suggestions have come from people all over the world, some just starting out making, others with lots of experience, looking forward to seeing yours.