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Publications Leaderboard

July 26th, 2016

As an active reader on Medium running light of some reading material, last week I started a search for some new Publications.

Why Publications?

Anyone on Medium can start a publication, and write and edit it alone or as part of a team. Usually publications are centered around a particular theme or topic, for a select niche audience or a more general readership.

Why not just find some more writers and read their posts? Most writers like to write about a variety of topics, some of which you might be interested in, and others not so much.

Publications provide a great alternative to find content in topics you are interested in. The Publication editors do a great job of finding content to publish, and authors often submit their content for Publications in their niche. Following a individual Publication may introduce you to many new authors with expertise/experience in topics you are interested in.

My search began by looking for a list or directory of Publications that could be searched to find some new reading material. Unfortunately I didn’t find any source that listed Medium publications.

The only resources that I did find was a few blog posts that listed some of the authors favorite Publications, and I thought I’d do the same.

I reached out on Twitter and some Slack groups that I’m a member of asking people what Publications they read.

My list started to grow, to many for a quick blog post, so the idea of building that list or directory that I was originally looking for became a reality.

The Leaderboard

Still very much a work-in-progress (please submit your favorite Publications) the list is now ready to share: https://toppub.xyz

Top Publications

Publications are ordered based on the number of followers, and I plan on adding categories and some sorting/filtering options.

Would love to get your feedback.