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Nominated for Maker of the Year on Product Hunt

December 16th, 2015

On Monday I discovered I was nominated for Maker of the Year on Product Hunt. I wasn’t going to post anything about it, but then some people suggested that if I wanted to win … I should!

I wrote a draft, and then I heard about a post another nominee had written. So I scrapped my draft and started again.

You see, the post asked people to vote for me!

Eric Willis, yes he’s a really is a fellow nominee, wrote a wonderful post chronicling how we first met, and some of the great things that have happened since then, and why he thinks people should vote for me.

Anything I could have written wouldn’t have done the story justice, so I’m grateful that Eric wrote the post instead.

I’ve only been a product hunt user for about a year, an amazing year, and maker for about 10 months. That time has yielded many products, and more importantly some great friendships.

I have yet to meet most of the people that I’m listing below, but that didn’t stop us from creating some great products together…

Eric Willis, Dylan Feltus, Josh Muccio, Erik Torenberg, Ben Tossell, Remco Verhoef, Cat Noone, Jonas Daniels, Bhavesh Patel, Jack McDade, Josh Cookfair, Seth Louey, Daniel Kempe, Matthew Spurr.

An awesome list of makers that I’ve had the privilege to work on products with over the past year.

Being a maker though, hoping to be Maker of the Year, I couldn’t just write a post right? So what could I build.

I had a few hours last night and after chatting with Seth Louey about the idea, I built a site that would compile all of the nominees into a single view. The Golden Kitty Awards Standings site was born.

The Golden Kitty Awards are a great gift from the team at Product Hunt. Allowing the community to nominate and then vote to determine the winners, is great indicator of how the Product Hunt team values their community.

I thought such a prestigious award deserved a site of its very own. So I decided to make it!

Golden Kitty Awards

Check it out and let me know what you think!