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New Year New Website

January 2nd, 2024

It's been a while since I built this website, and I felt it was't really doing justice me or the content I was publishing (which I plan on doing more off this year.)

It was time for a refresh.

Although I do design, I'm not really a designer, so rather spending way too much time trying to design something totally new, I thought I'd start with a template and add my own touch to it.

After some googling, I decided on a template from Lexington.


Although the templates are designed for Astro and hosting on Vercel, they are built using Tailwind and I thought it would be a quick port to this Statamic powered website.

I loved the look of Kotei, but also considered ProFolix.

The port took less than a day. I also took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of Statamic and moved the site to newer & faster server.

The new mubs.me
The new mubs.me

I hope you like the new look as much as I do, but let me know what you think!