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Monday Mystery Movie

September 1st, 2023

I'm a big movie fan, typically watch 3-4 movies per month at the theatre.

Over the past year I've been enjoying going to the theatre on Monday evenings to see a mystery movie.

Regal theatres have been airing a new, previously unreleased movie and you pay just $5 to see the movie. It's a great way to see a movie, that you may not see otherwise. Even if you intended to see, you get to see it before it's official release date.

It can be fun to try and workout what movie it might be. Regal publishes the movies rating, and an approximate run time (the actual run time plus or minus 20 minutes).

Apart from a few reddit threads there isn't much talk about the mystery movie, so I thought it might be fun to build a quick site.

Just a single page (to start with). The page would list the any movies that would be released after the date of the mystery movie, and let people select which one they thought would be the movie.

If you have a local Regal theatre near you I highly recommend going see a mystery movie, and before you do take a guess what it might be at: