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Migrate Social

April 12th, 2021

BitClout continues to grow, more people are signing up for it everyday, making it their primary Social Media platform. I don’t know when people I was following elsewhere are joining BitClout.

Rebuilding my following graph, and even if I don't want to rebuild it completely, is a painful and time consuming process.

We need an easier way to rebuild our following graph when moving to BitClout.

I think this could be a very useful tool for someone to build for the community!


I would start with Twitter. The basic idea would be an application that allows you to connect your Twitter account.

The application would then scan the accounts you are following on Twitter, and see if they exist on BitClout. If they are verified, you know they are the same, if they are not you may be able to scan the tweets of the account to see if they tweeted about their BitClout account.

To keep things simple, you could just show a list of accounts that the user may want follow based on this scan. Future (or a premium) versions could allow for auto following.

You could also do this for other social networks, such as Instagram or even Clubhouse.

Domain Names

At the time of writing, I think a very cool name for this tool could be simply be Migrate. Both migrate.social and migratesocial.com are available. We'll see how long they stay available for πŸš€

Build it and they will come

If you build it let me know, even better let me know so I can buy the coin! πŸ˜‰