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Liverpool vs West Ham (October 19th 2022)

October 19th, 2022

Tight game, another clean sheet!

Before the game

After the rush of putting to 2 great performances in a row together, got slammed back to early with news what Jota will be out for a few months. Can't seem to catch a break this year.

Still expecting to beat West Ham, will depend on how well we defend.

I know Trent has got a lot of stick, but I think the problems have bee more that just him, so excited to see him back in the starting line up.

During the game

Really happy with how the team is playing, solid in defense and quick on the break. Getting back to the performance you expect from great players.

Still a few flutters, the penalty especially show we still have work to do, but a great save from Alisson as good as goal!

So glad the Nunez scored, seems like a great player and starting to show why we paid the big bucks for him.

After the game

We were fortunate to come away with a win, the penalty save was a good as a goal. Alisson has been our best most consistent player all season and probably for the past few seasons.