Liverpool vs Napoli (November 1st 2022)

Published on Nov 1, 2022

A game with nothing at stake?

Before the game

Will be interesting to see the lineups for both sides. Neither have anything to play for, and both will want to protect their players as best they can.

During the game

Pretty even game, both side had decent chances. Liverpool seemed to get more into the game as the half progressed, but probably should have been behind. Good chances missed by Napoli.

As the game went on, really expected us to get stung on the break again. Despite playing good enough to get a result, but end up getting nothing (like the weekend).

Glad to see Nunez have a positive affect on the game for us, good header forcing the save to allow Salah to poke in the goal. 

Not sure what I would have done if the 2nd goal was ruled out, in this case it didn't matter. Understand why Nunez kicked the ball, really hate when the technicalities of the rules interfere with the spirit of the game. Yep that was Virgils goal!

Although the result of the game didn't really mean anything, and I don't think Napoli were giving it their all, its was an important result for Liverpool, given their form.  

A win is a win, and we need all the wins we can get to help with the confidence, and consistency.

After the game

Another big game to come, might be easier to maintain our consistency battling with Top 4 team, and a decent few days rest.