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Liverpool vs Manchester City (October 16th 2022)

October 17th, 2022

Trying something new, just sharing my thoughts on the game.

Before the game

After the come from behind performance in the Champions League to beat Rangers 1-7 I was feeling good, still hesitant, but optimistic about our chances or battling well with City.

The news of the injuries really turned my mind, was really worried that we'd get blown out of the water by a team firing on all cylinders, a striker in Haaland that seems unstoppable.

More injuries was the last thing this team need, already struggling with form, and running short of quality, especially in midfield, but now a worrying shortage in the defense too.

During the game

Just the type of game we've had for years against City. Could have gone either way. We had the better chances, both keepers played really well. How lucky can Brazil be, having 2 of the best keepers in the world available!

The City goal should have been disallowed and VAR did its job for a change. Klopp acted poorly, even with good reason, and got a deserved red card. Salah is fouled so often, amazing he doesn't win more free kicks.

Defense did great against a really strong City team, amazing to keep a clean sheet. Haaland did have 1 good chance, but seeing how he and City have been playing amazing that we were able to limit him to just that one clear chance.

After the game

Thinking on the game, and couldn't be happier with the performance. What we need now is play at this level (especially in defense) every game. Always easy to motivate yourself playing against City, how how will the team do against the rest of the league.

Have a long way to go until we start talking about challenging for the title, but happy to think about getting back into Champions league next year again. If we want to have any hope of quality midfield signing in January or next summer, we need to be much closer to the top of the table.