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ICYMI: I launched ICYMI

November 23rd, 2018

I’m a big fan of Twitter, an avid users since 2008. I’ve found it to be the best social media platform for meeting new people, having interesting discussions and sharing great content.

Over the years I’ve used a number of tools that helped me get the most out of Twitter and the community that I’d become a part off.

After I found out that most tweets you post are only seen by 20% of your followers, I looked to find a way to increase the number. After I didn’t find anything worked for me I decided to build my own solution.

ICYMI is a product that makes it easy to re-share your best content on Twitter, in a way that augments your activity, rather than replacing it.

Through documenting my adventures in making side projects, I’ve been able to a mass a number of, what I think, are high quality articles. From stories about product histories and launches, to series covering the entire process of making projects there is something there for everyone.

I would share these articles as I published them, and while they would get read by a good number of people, they would quickly get lost in the feed of activity.

ICYMI takes this library of quality content and re-shares that content when you are not active on Twitter. Rather post things on a set schedule, what is the best schedule anyway? ICYMI waits until you’re not active for a set period of times and post an items from your library.

I’ve tried other tools that allow you to post things on a set schedule and I found that they could post things randomly in the middle of a conversation I was having on Twitter and people would get confused how that post was relevant. By waiting until you’re not active to post things, you avoid this situation entirely. You also remove the need to painstakingly create a posting schedule.

I originally had planned to ship ICYMI as part of The 24 Hour Startup Challenge, but due to some technical problems and time constraints I wasn’t able to do that. You can watch my 18 hour long stream building ICYMI.

I ended up shipping something else for the 24 Hour Startup Challenge, which I built in the 6 hours I had remaining 🙃

So instead I worked to complete ICYMI and am entering it into the Product Hunt Makers Festival (yes Product Hunt said it was ok to do that, since all the work took place during the time of the festival schedule). While not suited to one of the themes Product Hunt has selected, it could help anyone working on products in those themes and others make effective use of Twitter.

I still have a lot of updates I’d like to make to ICYMI, you can sign up here to keep informed as I add new features.

Would love for you to checkout ICYMI and let me know what you think.