Everything is learnable

Published on Oct 27, 2022

Recently I started to learn more about Technical SEO (all the in page and internal linking stuff) and Programmatic SEO (building lots of pages from data with algorithms).  

Using these techniques you can target long tail SEO visitors in a relatively short about of time, without the need to create a large amount of original content (typically blog posts). 

How did I learn about SEO

I started by posting on Twitter, asked about who I should follow, what I should read, etc.

I received a great response, and got linked too many get resources. These lead to other resources and other people to connect with and more content to consume.

As I was doing this, I thought it would be great to share what I was learning, so others could follow my journey. I could have posted my findings on Twitter, or written a blog post that shared what I had found.

Neither of these options seemed to be a good way to share what I had found.

So instead of running out and building with my newly learned SEO skills, I decided instead to build a platform that allows me to share what I've learned about SEO, and in the future about anything else.

Have an interest in AI, Web3, or the latest shiny object. Learning about it, why not share what you find so others can learn about it too. 

I'm not sure exactly what form this platform will take. Currently I'm building a quick MVP, so I share my SEO learnings, but to support multiple users, multiple topics, the MVP will need to grow into something much more. 

All this to say that everything is learnable if you have access to the right information. Sharing that information with the world should be easier than it is, lets make it easy for everyone to do!