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Authors Leaderboard

September 6th, 2016

A little over a month ago, I launched Top Publications. A leaderboard for the Top Publications on Medium.

The leaderboard was well received, being featured on Product Hunt and receiving nearly 500 votes. Many people sent in suggestions for their favorite publications, and the site now tracking the popularity of over 330 publications.

Last week Larry Kim tweeted at Unboxed Ideas:

I had originally targeted Publications because they give a good way to find content in topics you’re interested in. However there are a lot of authors on Medium that write content not for publications but for their own personal blog.

Additionally a lot of authors write content that is published across different publications, and so some authors have accumulated a large following.

A leaderboard for Author seemed like a good idea to partner our leaderboard for Publications. Besides aren’t we all just a little bit competitive and want to know how we rank against everyone else!

There was a lot of similarity between the two sites so we were able to get up and running pretty quickly.


The site is launching with over 220 authors already being tracked. As with Publications, would love everyone to tweet us their favorite Medium Authors, I’d like to track as many authors as possible.

I am steering away from sudo publications, I want real authors writing by themselves, not an organization publishing content from many authors. Also, limiting the leaderboard to authors with over 1000 followers (although that may change).

Would love to hear what everyone things.