Announcing: LoremGPT

Published on Apr 2, 2023

I'll be honest, when I started working on LoremGPT, it was an April Fools joke!

With all the hype around AI, I thought it would be cool to build something using AI. But what about a site that claims to be powered by AI, but is it really? The idea for LoremGPT was born.

I built a simple website that generated the usual Lorem Ipsum text, that claimed to be powered by AI 🤣

However since announcing the project, it actually seems like a decent idea 🤯

I've added some actual AI to the project, and intended to add more. To build a full blown generator for placeholder content for all new projects.

Currently you can select different styles of placeholder text. From Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift to The Beatles.

I plan to create ways to generate entire blog posts, comments, avatars, images and more. 

Try it out for yourself: