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Ajax vs Liverpool (October 26th 2022)

October 26th, 2022

Qualification for the Champions League knockout phase on the line.

Before the game

The news that we would have some players back from injury made me feel a lot better. The return of Nunez was probably the thing we needed the most. With all the other injuries we have, we are really struggling to score goals.

During the game

What a horrible start, we should have been 1 or even 2 goals down in the first 20 minutes.

Can't say enough good things about Alisson, really the stand out player of the season. Always shows up, always make the saves, always keeps us in the game.

Instead we some how managed to go into the half time break a goal up, and really should have been 2 goals up.

Second half performance was much better (why can't we play like this all the time?). Two more goals and the game was over.

Despite the horrible performances in the Premier League, we've been much better in the Champions League (expect against Napoli!). Was really important to lock in the knock out phase qualification. If we hope to land any good players in the next (two?) transfer windows we must have Champions League football, or other clubs will land the best players.

After the game

[Will come, want to give it some time before writing :)]